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Chemical Dependency Treatment Services

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Awakening Spirits,

Breaking Chains

Healing for Lasting Freedom

A Different Approach to Treatment 

It is the intention of Campobello to provide exceptional care to all who choose to start a proven successful path to their best self and well being. 

Our staff is fully committed to meeting you where you are on your journey. Each having their own experience in the healing process, they know the value of holding space for you to start, and continue your healing and recovery process. 
Our Commitment to you, to each other, and ourselves is to maintain Respect, Integrity­, Accountability, and Excellence

Depending on the severity of the client's condition upon admission, our doctor will assess the individual's needs and provide medical supervision throughout the detox process.


The first step to reclaiming your resilient self. Participants will participate in group,  and individual sessions, as well as other skill building education to establish a relationship with the client’s authentic self.

Residential Treatment

Comprehensive planning that supports the individual early in recovery prior to exit to prevent relapse. 

Aftercare Planning

We proudly offer treatment options based on traditional Native American values and philosophy.

Native American Services 

Our Services

At Campobello we understand that addiction does not discriminate, it is a deadly disease that affects people from all walks of life.

Contact us today to take the first step in  reclaiming independence from the shackles of addiction. 

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Chemical Dependency Treatment Service

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